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Europe & The Mediterranean

My specialty, my passion and my first love for trips to take AND trips to work on ! No other place I've traveled (yet?) has captured my heart and mind like Europe. With its incredible and varied scenery, history on display almost everywhere you go,  friendly people, and food and wine like nowhere else, Europe simply has it all! 




Australia & New Zealand

If you love cosmopolitan cities, unique wildlife encounters, unspoiled coastlines, glaciers, native cultures, outdoor activities, or strictly cultural experiences...welcome to Australia and/or New Zealand. By land or by sea, these two destinations are impressive, and oh-so-worth the distance and time invested to truly enjoy them!



Exotic Islands

Considered perhaps the ultimate choice for a romantic getaway, such far-flung destinations as Hawai'i , Bora Bora, Fiji, Maldives, or Zanzibar will sorely tempt you to take some extra time with that someone special and linger, just for the pure pleasure of doing next to nothing in an idyllic destination. What an escape!

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