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Exotic Islands

South Pacific, French Polynesia, Indian Ocean...If you can imagine isolated waterfalls, endless (and uncrowded) beaches, tropical greenery, unique island cultures, snorkeling or scuba right outside your door, the scent of the sea or exotic spices, and some variation of a secluded paradise, then one of these idyllic islands may be calling your name. These exotic island destinations can be planned as land-based trips with resort stays, or on some very specific cruise lines, wholly dedicated to these unique islands.

There's enough beauty and activity in Hawaii to fill more vacations than you could take in a lifetime. Which Hawaii do you want to see? 


More than anywhere else in French Polynesia, Bora Bora's around-the-island sights take a back seat to relaxing at a resort. If you're going to splurge on an over-water bungalow, Bora is a good island to do it, because the lagoon is truly spectacular. Once you slide open your glass coffee table and start feeding the fish swimming below your living room, you may never leave your bungalow.


In the South Pacific, a Fiji vacation promises a lot of enjoyable possibilities: exquisite scuba diving, coral reefs, lovely natural surroundings with palm-lined beaches like many other parts of the South Pacific. But it's often the people of the islands, rather than the scenery, that make it memorable. 


The Maldives  in the Indian Ocean are a great place to play Robinson Crusoe: You can stay on a tiny island that has a soft, sandy beach, a sparkling turquoise lagoon and only a single dwelling (although Crusoe only could have imagined the comfort of some of the better resort hotels). The luxurious escapes you'll find in the Maldives are not merely an accident of geography, but a matter of deliberate design. Forward-thinking  leaders almost 50 years ago created a master plan for the tourism industry. The result was the development of a series of "quality over quantity" resorts that have been cited as models for sustainable tourism development.


Did you realize Zanzibar is a real place?  Zanzibar is fantastically exotic! Smelling of spices, the winding alleyways and old Arabic houses keep Stonetown steeped in history and full of atmosphere, while Zanzibar's coastlines offer some of the best beaches in the world, and make for dazzling days enjoying the sun and the warm Indian Ocean. 

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