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    Ocean Cruises

Ahh, the serenity of being at sea. For many people, cruising the world's oceans and enjoying destinations through shore excursions is the best of both worlds. Will it be European cruising in the Mediterranean from Barcelona or Rome? Will it be Norway and its fjords? The Adriatic to enjoy Venice and Dubrovnik? Greek Isles? What about the British Isles or Iceland? Black Sea or Baltic Sea as the European continent stretches toward the Asian continent? What if you stretch farther yet to sail in the South Pacific? Tahiti and Fiji are calling, you know! Don't forget Australia or New Zealand or Asia, transatlantic crossings, the Alaska, Caribbean, South America, Africa, Antarctica, Galapagos...The Earth is covered with over 70% water, after all! 

Vessels can be found in every imaginable size from private yacht charters, to small ships, masted ships, and  expedition-class ships, carrying as few as 40 or up to 750 passengers. Of course most are more familiar with the mid-size to mega-ships with anywhere from 800 to 5000 passengers. Let it be said, there is a ship out there that caters to any budget and cruise requirement. Ships alsorange from those with mainstream comforts to maximum and exclusive luxury. There are so many choices out there . Cruising always proves to be a great value, with food-drinks-transportation all included. Cruising also proves to be exceedingly convenient, with unpacking only once as you settle into your stateroom and no need to repack as you move on to the next new destination. Consider: you'll have all the comforts, perhaps a balcony to expand your space and enjoy the calming sight of the sea, fine or casual dining as you choose, a new port with new onshore experiences most every day to be as active or leisurely as you wish, multiple entertainment venues to enjoy each evening, spas, pools, and sports facilities for recreation...ocean cruising is as comprehensive a vacation as you can have all tied up with one nice ribbon

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