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     Escorted Small or Private Groups

In the same way that some people prefer their independence, others see great benefits and truly enjoy traveling with a small group on a pre-planned itinerary. Does that sound like you? You LOVE knowing exactly what you'll be seeing and doing  each day; you LOVE knowing all you have to really do is show up in the lobby of your hotel each morning, ready to roll; you LOVE having a full-time tour director to walk you through the best sights and experiences; you LOVE getting to know new people on your trips and enjoy the camaraderie.  


Escorted groups can be small (typically 10-30 persons), or you might even have a group of friends or family that would benefit most from having your own private group escorted, according to an itinerary chosen or specifically created just for your group. Choosing just the right tour company with just the right itinerary, focus, and pace is crucial to having the best experience during your trip. And that's where my expertise and tour operator partnerships come into excellent practice, because no escorted tour company is a "one size fits all" prospect.  

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