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River Cruises

When your floating boutique hotel moves with you, traveling from city to city, and country to country across Europe is effortless. River cruising may just  be the ultimate way to travel! By combining elegant creature comforts, diverse itineraries, and a multitude of onboard inclusions, the value of a river cruise is virtually unmatched.  AND, you only unpack once! The river cruise vessel becomes your home away from home. Aboard ships with pleasantly-sized cabins, panoramic sliding glass doors or private balconies, generous public spaces, and carrying fewer than 200 guests, you'll feel as if you stepped into a dream. As you sail along inland rivers, you can savor the scenery slowly drifting by, because you never lose sight of land. Which will it be? Seine~Douro~Rhone~Dutch Waterways~Rhine~Moselle~Danube? What about Asia or Egypt or Africa?

From cultural excursions through historical Europe to adventure holidays exploring the vast landscapes of the Amazon (or Egypt or Asia or Africa), river cruising has so much to offer every kind of traveller. You can be as individual as you wish to be. You can, of course, join the included excursions in each port, and that is a great way to see so and learn so many things you might otherwise miss. On the other hand, there is also the freedom to just explore independently as well, at your own pace. River cruise ships dock in the towns you are visiting and you can literally walk right off and explore in many destinations! You can also be as active or relaxed as you wish to be, too. Bikes are available onboard most ships if you are inclined to ride. Excursions are offered in varying activity levels. And let's not forget the dining--the food is always a pleasure and an indulgence! The chefs onboard source most items locally and seasonally, adding to not just the flavor, but the authenticity of the international menus. River cruising has it all. 

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