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     Customized Independent Land Vacations

If you have a desire to enjoy Europe or another faraway or exotic destination, but you know a cut-and-dried "package trip" isn't going to offer all the right things, then it's time to think customized. Customized means exactly that: YOUR trip, YOUR way. Incorporating your unique preferences, needs, wishes, and budget become the central focus of my efforts as I create a customized itinerary that enables you to achieve your trip goals. An itinerary that "fits" YOU.  This trip may be just for you and your special someone, your family, or a handful of friends who enjoy traveling independently, yet all together. It might just even be for you on a solo adventure!


Will your focus be town AND country? Maybe town OR country? Coastal sightseeing? Ancient civilizations and ruins? Gastronomic destinations? Geneology/family heritage destinations? Focusing on the arts? Spa and wellness? Tropical honeymoon? You get the idea! Anything is possible! Whether you get around by private driver, rental car, train, and/or ferry, there are many choices for  transportation to fit your situation and needs.


My expertise combined with your feedback begins a collaboration that will ultimately result in the trip you saw in your mind's eye, even if you couldn't put it in words to begin with! And there's never a need for you to sweat the small stuff, because that's my job! Your unique itinerary within the destination(s) you long to visit...the hotel stays that add another layer of authenticity and enjoyment to your trip...the experiences that you'll never forget, recommended just for you.....all these and more come together to become the trip you've been envisioning. 

Favorite Itineraries



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