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Europe & The Mediterranean


There is no shortage of "something for everyone" in some corner of Europe or the Mediterranean region. From Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland in the north, to Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Italy and Spain in the south...and every other country in between. From the heights of the Swiss Alps to the depths of salt mines in Poland to the beaches of the Algarve in Portugal; from multi-day hikes along the West Highland Way in Scotland  to wine-tasting and chateau-hopping in the Loire Valley to  a spa day in Budapest; from leisurely strolls through the British Museum in London to pleasant diversions in lesser-known choices like the Museum of San Marco in Florence.  From travel by car, by train, by plane, by ferry on an independent trip, to small group escorted motorcoach tours, to inland waterway rental boats or private barges, to river cruises and ocean cruises. Something is out there for every kind of interest, every preferred activity, every sightseeing wishlist, every energy level, and every travel style imaginable. Be inspired and pick a place...any place

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