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Meet Loretta Lamberth

I really didn't know how much travel was in my blood until my first trip to Europe back in 1996. At that time, my husband Ricky and I were celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary and we treated ourselves to a special trip we didn't expect to repeat for many, many years. After all, we had jobs and children and all the busy-ness and responsibilities of a young couple. At the time, I was a Registered Dental Hygienist, and my husband was an HVAC Instructor and contractor. Our 2 daughters had just started middle and elementary school. 

But Europe absolutely seduced us! We knew we had to find a way to return before our 25th or 50th anniversary! And so we did...planning and scheming and saving what money we could where we could so any extra could go towards our "next trip"...Several times, we also brought our daughters along. (It's kind of amazing how much could be saved in the 1990's by simply not having cable TV or fancy land line add-ons like call-waiting and call-forwarding and *69, or by driving the old car another year or two.)

Little did I  know that 10 years after that first trip, travel wouldn't just be in my blood, it would be my passion and my new career. And so it has been, since 2005.

In the 27 years since that first trip, our 2 daughters have grown up, married, and blessed us with 5 precious grandchildren (Lori-Margaret-Sophie-Roy-Julia). We've also been incredibly blessed to have traveled multiple times through the cities and countrysides of Italy, France, and Germany, as well as destinations in 11 other countries within Europe. My personal favorite vacation destinations are just about anywhere in Italy or France! It’s been Italy and France that have kept me coming back, always planning the “next trip” in my head until I can plan it in real time. I especially love to travel in May, when the red poppies are blooming alongside the roads and in hillside fields! We aren't big summer travelers, but in July 2023 I finally took a dream trip to the Provence region of southern France to see the lavender fields in full bloom! Gorgeous! We had been to Provence in the past, but never when lavender was in bloom. It was perfection!

Is it any surprise then that my travel specialty follows my passion for European/Mediterranean vacations? My personal travel experiences through the years enhance the various professional trainings I’ve pursued to become a true expert. I've also expanded those trainings to other international destinations like Australia and New Zealand, and various Exotic Islands. My priority is to address your ideas and dreams, needs and wants, all while working within a budget you set. Whether you go independently on a customized itinerary, on an escorted tour, by river cruise, by ocean cruise, or by any combination of those, my goal is to create a seamless, worry-free travel experience for you that exceeds your expectations and creates priceless memories for a lifetime. 

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