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Be a traveler, not a tourist.

"The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see." ~~GK Chesterton


     An Authentic Journey

So much of my travel philosophy, both personal and professional, reflects being a traveler and not a tourist. Of course, many cities and sights are iconic "do not miss", and of course you will take that opportunity. Some of you would even love to have an in-depth experience peeling back the layers of some of the best and biggest places or sights. But what if I told you about other options that foster that exploratory spirit of a traveler making new discoveries? Places most tourists will never see because they are just too busy ticking boxes and moving on. What if you venture outside the cities to the places so few others ever take the time to explore? 

What might you discover?

  • Lesser-known museums 

  • Serene, rural countryside 

  • Craggy coastal vistas and fabulously blue waters  

  • Tiny medieval hilltowns and fantastic market days 

  • Abandoned ancient ruins and ghost towns

  • Truffle hunts and lunch at a working family farm

  • Mystical or spiritual locations

  • Rolling fields of lavender or poppies or grain stalks

  • Easy or challenging hikes

  • Places where legends and myths were born

Authenticity is found in every moment, when you're a traveler!


A Customized Journey

A world of endless travel possibilities awaits.
"To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,
To gain all while you give,
To roam the roads of lands remote,
To travel is to live.”~~Hans Christian Andersen

Your trip is all about you, your wish lists, your travel style. Incorporating your unique preferences, needs, wishes, budget become the central focus of my efforts. While I have the destination knowledge and expertise, I don' expect carte blanche in creating your dream trip. Nor will I offer you a cookie-cutter, generic package. My expertise combined with your feedback throughout our collaboration is what will ultimately make your trip unlike anyone else's.

Your unique itinerary within the destination(s) you long to visit...the experiences that you'll never forget, chosen just for you...the hotel stays that add another layer of authenticity and enjoyment to your trip...all these come together to create the trip you've been envisioning. Whether your trip is an independent experience, an escorted small group tour, a river cruise, or an ocean cruise with additional touring before or after the cruise, anything is possible...

Customized travel is tailored to you, and curated for you~~and you alone.

     An Inspiring Journey


Come back changed,

"We do not remember days, we remember moments."~~Cesare Pavese

Travel can be so much more than just a break from working! Travel transforms lives and brings people together! Return home with new--or renewed--connections with your loved ones, and perhaps also with yourself. See one another with new eyes and appreciation for what you mean to one another and what you can accomplish together. A vacation affords the perfect opportunity to be light-hearted and silly together, yet it also often surprises us with unexpectedly profound moments of love and insight. Sometimes, it also surprises us with uncontrollable laughter, and voila! A new story or inside joke is born...and only you'll know why it's so funny.  

When you recall the new sights and experiences you enjoyed, let those memories carry you back into everyday life with enthusiasm. Savor the satisfaction that you took a few days to make some dreams come to life. Look back with fondness at new acquaintances you made along the way. Reflect on the joy of realizing we really do all smile in the same language. Remember the moments along the way you marveled, pondered, absorbed, appreciated, relaxed, tried something new, made a connection, or had a sudden "aha" moment. Cherish all those memories, and look forward to making more!

Inspiring happiness and enthusiasm by sharing new experiences, together.

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